The time and the rush.

Life passes to the beat of time and this to the beat that you decide that seems right? But the truth is that we forget the little moments, those that seem the most common, those that happened just because. However these as a whole did most of the work they are pure magic not recognized but it is stored in some corner knowing that they performed their best function to achieve the dreams we wanted. Because when we try to see through time we mostly remember the happiest and the saddest moments. Even leisure time has great memories and hard work time hopes to reach a goal.
As time goes by, the things you value most begin to be measured in majestic achievements compared to other people’s, and that feeling of frustration is overwhelming. The value of the little moments are overlooked; fast foods, involuntary laughter, meetings to meet, a life without living. Passing in search of something waiting for something. And so you continue and time seems to accelerate, nothing stops it and the best moments escape your hands, even those that you lose on purpose, thinking that they will return, nothing is the same, the sensations are different and when you manage to do what you wanted, so much will have passed, without leaving you room for more. It is very true that each person goes at their own pace, it is very certain that there is no age to fulfill a dream, all of this is very true but it is also true that it gives hope to most people that they will never pass and pass. For a life full of haste chosen at random in a constant line of similarities with others, in a speed race that never ends.
Only when there is no more, you may wonder what I did with my life and the answer is simple, you chose to go through it always believing that there is time for more, that the best comes later and that your best years are over. At some point you will accelerate to maximum capacity so as not to say goodbye without doing something very personal and despite the rush you will discover that time passes and passes and there is nothing to stop you. The rhythm is determined by you, but it seems that time is getting out of hand without warning and with all the control you can give it. You can arrive on time and leave at the time you decide, and, even so, you will notice that there are moments that are gone, that you have not enjoyed, and that the years go by very fast. Live every moment. Yes, even enjoy your lack of time management and the anecdotes that life and its haste can give you. Time will pass and haste will be part of it. Lives.

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