The power of hate
The hatred feeling attributed to people, circumstances and events that understood from the perspective of anger can help to do things with a passion only understood when it is charged with this feeling. Otherwise it is the most useless feeling there is.
When this being considered a feeling as such, it is meaningless; it is more that involves time and dedication that are later turned into the intimate life of the person who owns it, giving power over this person, to the executor of the act that resulted in that feeling.

It drags and consumes you and its initial value is donated for personal injury. It is not about liberation, it is about balancing forces and that the pain that is felt as part of it helps to create something for one’s own good, not to destroy to self-destruct.
The phrase that says from love to hate there is a step, makes sense in the importance that is given to the opposite party so much that it occupies thoughts, actions and time that little by little in the weakness of the same feelings they are distorted and confused , It is totally pathetic because it does not come to anything or an honest forgiveness. There is an exchange of emotions, followed by a real known ending and full of mental excuses to try to be happy.
And what is wrong with that? Nothing, everything depends on each one and the attitude with which they act, from what perspective they look at the world and how much will allow a state to govern each act without a clear purpose, with nothing more than to hate for power and give power to hatred.

Envuelta en innuerables ideas, que drenan energía de no ser escritas.