The place without belonging

Where can you see the spectrum of humanity? In the places of entertainment, at funerals, in the most sinister events … Where?

Considering joy as the most desired state and confused as happiness. It is in the places where this state is easily expressed, where people desperately search and calmly wait while inside to find it. In places where most people express euphoria and unbridled pleasure in its good use in some cases and in others that is irrelevant, where contagious joy escapes from their souls and they unite with each other. The ideal place where there are no divisions, or the illusion of their nonexistence.

But if the neutral view allows you real vision, you know that even in these places there will be degrees and levels. These shared places allow the entry of different individuals, a few, some who will be part of these and will be considered the same for a few moments or a long period.

Places of escape where you share what you eat, dress, drink and what your senses allow you pretend. Where that longed-for state will keep them together and where the agonizing agony of pain and evil is seen covered by laughter, dances, substances or just perplexed and immutable looks. There where people fulfill their best role of real falsehood and where feelings begged for days, are overflow in minutes. Where emotions are prostituted and plagued in each person with an exposed “heart”, trying to capture what is always lacking, where exalted displays of affection are the best combination of pain and love for a moment stolen from who you always wanted or with a simple stranger who shelters you in his anguish and with whom you can share mutual needs.

There you can see the human spectrum brimming with voids filled and filled for a moment. To which you can belong and be a part, even if later you are someone else to whom nobody looks for be who really is, only someone lacking everything that he showed and devoid of everything that he requested in that place, the fun place to which you do not belong, united to the broad spectrum of humanity with which you really live day to day without being a real part of their lives. Finding you “happy” at the moment of your journey, and unreal belonging. Faithful visitor of the place without belonging.