The falsehood of importance

They have wondered why in such a hectic world we have a tendency to ask how are you? Do we really want to know how a person feels? Let’s say yes and no. Well, in context, it is a formalism, sometimes a cordiality, to start talking, hang out or without taking it into account just to say something.

Pretending to give importance to someone when they do not have it, sometimes it works and you have a long talk with a completely unknown person, but on other occasions when it is not someone close, even if it is not a personal reaction because it is only of a person who is not part of your life and even if they are, you do not take seriously what he has to say or you do not even listen to the answer.

What’s more, most people have ever really wanted to tell how they feel and what is happening to them, but they know that they will not be heard or will be faced with the reality that it does not matter much what they have to say. Leaving the case of those people who only need to speak it without expecting anything. The rest will not find support and will believe that having done it was a mistake and this will bring other consequences and continue the chain.

And for those people who ask with the true intention of knowing, sometimes they do not know how to deal with that situation. What happens when the answer is something scary, unusual, or unexpected in your everyday life. Maybe an apology or a, I’m sorry, will be enough.

But even worse is using it as an icebreaker, which someone is supposed to do in five minutes of introduction, stop all the programming you have to focus on a case. There are those who will feel upset or do not know how to react even though they feel they can do something or do not have the courage to respond in an appropriate way. Let’s be honest, even the noblest people don’t want to come out of their state to comfort someone under those circumstances. It will be more than a moment that will generate certain types of momentary reactions and even feigned by a circle of people who may be uncomfortable by what is happening, but even more so for the person who dared to say it and will try to lessen their feelings so as not to feel worse.

In a frivolous and fast reality. Who knows about someone’s feelings? Who takes someone’s condition seriously? Who gives real importance to someone’s feelings? Many people love to be heard, but never listen or empathize, it is too much, it is a waste of time. I believe that being prudent, handling with care and understanding that not all people have a special interest in knowing about your circumstances, can work and not pretend to be oblivious to the falsehood of importance.