Even when someone hurt you, have to prove that you are better, it is almost a requirement. What?

Yes, it is nonsense that warns that, if you do the same, you are at the same level, valid point, but the reality is that is worse the reproach that the opposite party will give you for falling to their level and the guilt of feeling and that you make you feel for hurting them. Damage that they will not feel because they will only think that you do the same to them and how you can be capable. Because of course that person was “wrong” in his immense human capacity to do it and you don’t, you shouldn’t do it, you do it on purpose, please you also did it that way and worse still you hurt someone who gave you the best and you decided that it was worth nothing, but instead you ask for the same consideration, no, not the same, you demand more because how can it be that they do something like that to you, “such an unfortunate being, victim of immersing himself in the bitterness that inadvertently drags others”. Yes, you who devour light in those who see something good in you and return darkness and misery, but even so it is you who “deserves”, who exclaims pity, sacrifice and better treatment, because in the end lowering someone to your condition was your desire and in achieving it you even achieve success or I assure you that is what you feel, even more and hardly or maybe never regret. Proving you are better, surely you are, a better miserable being.