What leads people to behave the way they do?

Accepting the miseries of life because there is no more to decide, smiling at enemies to maintain cordiality and not be crushed, justifying horrible behaviors as simple mistakes of an ordinary human so as not to look so unhappy for what they did to him, praising people without awareness because their beginnings depend on them, maintaining inexplicable relationships loaded with wounds in case one day they are needed, reaching out to those who want to cut them so as not to look bad.

Accepting pain for feigned laughter, reaping achievements by easy and shortened paths because not doing so would make you a “stupid” being, alluding to honesty in double standard deals, exchanging sentimental feelings and luxuries in exchange for a later possibility, selling bodies out of lacking affection. Simulating equanimity in an integrity anxious for existence and scarcity of being, discarding true feelings for gratuitous problems that without acceptance make the other see the other as an enemy, complaining of the lack of help, disguised as social love, holding at will to a possible slow death and repeating to posterity the endless circle of premeditated suffering for being who you are not, but you want to be.

People consumed in thoughts of fickle will, which in the long run brings dire consequences with their own existence. Walking with a clear course of successful misery, disguising its peak with the help of people full of kindness to whom nothing is owed and continuing to be worthy so as not to be indignant with its own delicacy of treatment, in order to become, because it is better to maintain the status, yes, that of a poor sad stupid person.