Live to live
Have you ever wondered why, despite feeling a lot, you do little or nothing?
Most of us are saddened by many things, perhaps events and / or situations. But by real and honest connection by a feeling that comes from the inner being and makes us empathize with our own causes and others. Not that hypocritical feeling that comes from the moment to look good with other people.
Despite this sadness, melancholy, helplessness or similar feeling, none of this is enough to want to do something even move a finger, even despite having had a direct consequence, which perhaps exist in a small number and occurs in life. Even with this, the doubt is great, it is probably the product of believing to know how the world is, and how it is headed or it is simply the little desire to do something or even a little. Well, in the end your true being and your own thinking gives you away and yes, not even moving a finger is possible. Because even if, what happened is not serious enough to affect you in something or it does it in a mild way according to your perspective. You can look sideways and continue because at the end of the day you continue with your life and what happens will continue to happen through time with new faces, in different contexts, near or far ...
With all this and thanks to that you detach and move away to protect yourself or so you say, or just so that nothing bothers you and you continue as a person of the lot without desires, desire, empty and lacking. And that he just wants to try to live to live.