It is said that the person who really loves you, will be in good times and bad, but then what is the limit?

Certainly there is not, as long as there is a mutual desire and balance between the parties, but where the bad is spread and the good is scarcely shared, this agreement is not fulfilled. And then?

One of the parties becomes a type of person, which is honestly habitual. People who, understanding the why of those they can count on, are the ones they least consider because they prefer those who are in some good moments, hardly in some bad, and probably always contributing to their misery.

Turning the other part into a person of use, where they can discharge unhappiness, tears and sadness. Taking away their joy, energy and good times that later will matter little or nothing to them.

They are these people who, even having the wrong idea of ​​living to do good to others, do not mind spreading pain, grief and anguish among those who really love them and go further, knowing that these people will be in spite of everything, they return to go to them again and again, to make false promises of change, to steal their energies and save part of them and their best self, to share with those chosen who only take them away.

If they can choose with whom to share the good, also choose how to share or stay with the bad, work on it and not look for a kind soul where to take it to get rid of it momentarily, do not spread your miseries consciously or unconsciously repeated over and over again , the simple fact of not tormenting the lives of others, with all their conscientiously chosen stupidity. It will camouflage the ridicule of falling into the same thing hundreds of times. As if their thinking capacity has been canceled or they did not have it.

They go from being wonderful people, full of desires and wills, to beings annulled by vain feelings that do not lead them anywhere, repeated in infinity. It is cyclical and hurtful for those among whom they distribute their miseries and to whom they turn their back and have little interest in making them feel mocked, empty, and miserable repeating the same thing. So, if you also think you love them, it’s time to set limits for your misery.

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