Leaving is necessary

Have you ever wondered why many people choose to stay in a place even knowing or feeling that it is no longer theirs?

Let’s talk specifically about a physical space and among these of those that most of us know and consider as home. Perhaps that is the key to think or feel that space as our home. A place full of protection, guard and care. A safe space where to be, where to contribute, simply where to live.

It is difficult for almost all people to make decisions about detachment, even those that are given by a social order, make your own home, almost as a mandate. But without considering it that way, it is clearly a personal desire that each person must obey, it is really genuine and necessary for growth. Depending on the type of society in which you grew up, it is and will be an experience that will take place in a different way. In many geographic locations, this occurs when a person decides to live with their partner. Certainly, in others for studies, work, migration and the most suitable in my opinion to learn to live alone.

Excluding these and considering the formation of the home to share with the chosen person, it is where the greatest number of cases of dependency occur, perhaps skipping the step of living on your own is the challenge avoided by many people, and start directly to share a space with someone you will begin to meet directly across the breadth of both existences comes with a set of well-intentioned expectations of what is simply reality.

If all goes well and that physical space becomes your home, where harmony through mutual agreements can occur and bad experiences can be discussed, talked about, improved and endured, then it will probably be the physical space where you will leave and want to return all the time. It’s your place.

Now if your place is a space for constant discussion, where you plan to leave at every possible moment, where you are thrown out with some regularity. Clarifying that you have the freedom to do so, even so you decide to stay every day, perhaps it is due to the lack of an equal shelter, the desire to save what has been built, the distrust of your own ability to live on your own, also clinging too much to what does not do well or simply feel comfortable and just the fact of starting over generates more regret than enduring everything lived constantly, so many reasons, that give a personal justification for not feeling bad about yourself.

Undoubtedly in the measure in which everything is happening there are aspects that will not let you see the reality lived, like that, a constant reality, which is the daily life without changes in sight, only what you can do for yourself or for whoever you want, for your own well-being. Because nothing will be fine, nor will it be like before, everything is going to get worse and you know it inside you, even that decision can help save your own live and those of others, a decision to walk away and leaving is necessary.