Having and not wanting
Who wonders about life and specifically about his life?
The answer is obvious, I consider all people. But speaking of the rejected life of all those who having, do not want any of it, is it a distorted view of their reality?
It will be a haze in their sight, which does not allow them to see many things, it will be the daily life, the ease with which they have or obtain what is part of their lives today, be it material, affective or realization, any aspect and in any manifestation. It will be that few things are now more valuable or simply that the reflection of what they have, it is not what their own imagination has sold them for years and that they have recreated countless times. That, although getting something better, this is rejected because his want is different.
Make the exception, the conformity. That frowned upon, the harmful, the one who realizes a person wants to change, turn his reality around, although other people see it as magnificent, this is feasible and acceptable, because no one can force anyone to feel in such a way by possessing what possessing, or accepting what is presented to them, the realities are various.
Let’s talk here about feeling grateful, at least, for having a lot or even a little and going forward, having more than the basics and discarding it, enjoying unconditional people and rejecting them, but not for something better, but for something that hurts and even hurts you. makes it worse and even putting it as the lowest degree, simply consider what is insufficient, by quality discordant to your own desires and desires, valid but hurtful with the rest, that is the real issue. Where even being able to be transparent with some honesty, for those who affect your behavior is not possible and take for granted that you deserve that and more and you only insist that everything is wrong, simply because your personal whims are not reflected in your reality. how do you want. But of course, what is worse and what is better for each person?
Certainly, that subjectivity achieves so many differences, even so, affecting everyone around by a poorly designed illusion, even without even doing it if you enjoy that particularity, discard and discard without stopping, in the end you do not get what you want. Because what you are looking for can always be elsewhere, that, even if you live in what you consider at that moment is everything you dreamed of, you will have the feeling that it is not there, it is different, there is more, and it leads you to turn your back on your own life and opportunities, to the rescue that perhaps the path you are traveling on, to the circumstances that appear, to the good times that you live, by taking for granted that this is not and making your life a constant have and not wanting.



Envuelta en innuerables ideas, que drenan energía de no ser escritas.

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Smiph Samons

Smiph Samons

Envuelta en innuerables ideas, que drenan energía de no ser escritas.

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