It is said that the road to hell is full of good intentions, but in reality it is that hell is already full of good intentions per se, taking hell as that place to which we attribute the burden of being the worst destiny of a person . Have you ever wondered from what facts this phrase was extrapolated? From the thought of wanting to act kindly and do something totally different as a result, or of doing nothing?

If those intentions that we consider good come from thoughts loaded with something good, because in practice the result is bad or certain factors produce a different result than the you thought, is that a good justification? Maybe it could be. And if, on the contrary, your intention was bad, but you did not do anything. The measure with which you divide the good and the bad is in relation to your own well-being, and this will not be for other people. So maybe you can live with peace of mind versus results, will this be so?

What intentions can have the clear purpose to reach its achievement until it becomes a reality, perhaps having a firm will that is possessing a clear knowledge of a common denominator of goodness, what people are capable of it without keeping it as a valuable memory of something that they could do, and that others did and it turned out as expected not only for them but for the rest.

How much willpower does it take to turn a basic thought into a genuine intention to carry out, without it being the perfect excuse to look good in front of other people. In circumstances where to say, is that that was not my intention, be so simple and simple as not to change anything. And still be the case where that is true, that some of it has been addressed in such a way that you can feel that you were not involved.

We can want many things and carry them with the best intentions and that these are good for the rest to keep them as a pleasant memory of everything that your being good allows you to live and be at peace pretending to have a “heart” full of good intentions, but of that part of your reality is not going to serve as a treasure in the experience of the other person, in which the result of your good intentions exploded.

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