“Conscious, fair decision”

Wind, noise, dust, particles on every surface waiting to continue its journey. Perhaps every decision we make follows that path, there comes a time when you must decide, that moves every fiber inside you and can generate a blanket of protection or helplessness, even the small ones. And that’s how it is supposed to be, but …

They have wondered how each decision changes the course of your life, and if that were only so, however, they impact in tiny or large proportions the rest of beings. With this involved, the complexity and conscious path that should be taken to take one, adding a sense of justice, would have great significance. Now all these good directions that should be given, mostly come loaded with personal biases, even if you mean to say no.

Sometimes in life we ​​want to pretend that we act in full compliance with the provisions that morality and ethics have determined and take them as banal excuses to justify your disproportionate action in situations that require a clear position.

When the good is misrepresented to convey your position and make the rest of the people, who will be affected by the collateral damage of what you decide, see harmful. When the explained reasons of the rest resonate with you, but you put them aside no matter how much sense they make. When you take conscience as a safe path but that is only yours and safe for you, when you mention being aware of what is involved and you put justice as a shield to highlight righteousness as your personal quality. When you know that this happens and even if you don’t want to know. Because your personal blindness full of pretensions of good conduct as an impartial, integral and faultless person favors your personal desires, your whims and your own well-being.

It is you who takes the credit for the good, but in the end the direct or indirect impact of some decisions, especially those that do not only involve your life because isolating it is complex, those decisions where you really know will roughshod other people, facts or circumstances, do not attribute to your justifications a character of “conscious, fair decision.”

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